Advertising To Today’s RV Consumer
With New Techniques That Work!

As the national economy has shifted dramatically of late, so has the face of retail advertising. What worked for you as RV dealers then, isn’t necessarily working now. Attend this lively and interactive seminar to hear Roger share his latest ideas and recent retail advertising successes. Armed with over 20 years wealth of direct RV advertising experience and knowledge, he will provide insightful advertising tips and techniques that RV dealers as well as RV industry businesses can apply immediately. In short, learn what drives traffic and delivers buyers in today’s economy. But be forewarned, you’ll be challenged to make crucial changes that will result in success for you in 2011!

During this presentation, attendees will learn:

• Why what worked before may not work today

• What RV shoppers are looking for now

• Why relating value is so critical to advertising success

• How to generate response from each and every ad

• The role of trigger mechanisms to enhance response

• The impact of the iInternet as an advertising tool

• How to treate retail advertising that works today