Tri-Marketing Concepts—Integrating Social Media And SMS Marketing Technology To Maximize ROI!

A three part program to reach the RV buying prospect utilizing the latest technologies with techniques to maximize the highest return on your marketing investment.

In This Seminar, Attendees Will Learn:

  • A Combined Strategy To Deliver Prospects To Your Dealership
  • How To Reach Out To The RV Prospect And Engage Conversation With Them
  • How To Begin An Effective Tri-Marketing Strategy
  • Proven Techniques Utilizing New Technology To Maximize Selling Opportunities
  • How To Incorporate And Maximize The Newest Technologies
  • How To Establish An Effective Marketing Program For Better Response
Sheril brings her enthusiastic and unique style of topic presentation to each of her seminars and workshops covering a very important topic in today’s selling environment.  With a background in dealership management, Sheril understands advertising and marketing from the dealership side, and more importantly the dynamics of building sales utilizing the most progressive state-of-the-art technology.  Her speaking style is educational and motivating as she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with her hands-on interactive seminars and training workshops.  Her mission is for dealers to take back and apply what they learn to maximize their marketing success while generating a higher return on their investment.